Is Your Team’s Overall Shooting Percentage Low?

Do They Miss A Lot of Open Shots & LayUps?

Can Your Players Create Space to Score?

Are You Missing Points in the Pick & Roll - Read & React Scoring Game?

Coaches, we know what you want. You want to score more and you want more skilled players that will help you score more and you want more players scoring to increase your point production, which increases your win percentages. But the challenge is, you are trying to develop skills and work on game strategy, in a short period of time. I’ve felt your pain and it’s a tough ball to juggle. So, this is where we come in to help. We can develop your player’s scoring skills in a relatively short period of time, so that you can spend more time in game strategy and prepping for your opponents. Let’s face it, we are all trying to win games, so if your team becomes more efficient in scoring this allows you to focus more on game strategy and opponent prep. Here is how we can help.

Choose which option you need or you may want all of our options or just a couple of them, either way, we will make it happen. Let us know in the messaging box when you sign up.


Option #1: Hard 2 Guard Me Sharper Shooting System

Wouldn’t you love it, if your players knocked down more open shots and were able to quickly diagnose and fix their missed shots, so that they can continue to put points on the board game in and game out? We will teach you and your team our sharper shooting secrets to help you do just that. Our Hard 2 Guard Me Sharper Shooting System is so simple, quick and easy to learn that your players will be making more shots and fixing their misses by the end of practice. This system will build confidence in your players because they will learn and understand the science of the shot and targeting.


Option #2: 1V1 Space Creating Moves That Work

Coaches, you would agree that a lot of players aren’t that skilled in creating space, that’s why you have to get the ball in the hands of those that do, to give yourself a chance to score. But, what if more of your players became skilled in creating space, to get into an open slot for an open shot and they understood the shooting science to help them knock down that shot, wouldn’t that be valuable? We are going to equip your players with 6 different moves to create space to get an open shot off. Three of the moves will be getting open for the catch and shoot and three moves off the dribble drive. That’s a lot of moves in each players scoring tool box to help them get open and get an open look shot! What’s that worth to you as a coach?



Option #3: Pick & Roll Series – Read & React Scoring

I’ve watched a ton of basketball games, especially youth basketball games and it pains me when their offenses stall out and go for minutes without scoring. These teams often don’t take advantage of the pick and roll scoring strategies to create a mismatch and or an opportunity to shake their defender off a screen to get a shot up. So, the problem is, you go scoreless and your team’s energy hits the tank while the other team is racking up points. This is a recipe for a disastrous blow out that’s embarrassing to everybody involved. But, what if your team understood what they were attempting to create with the on-ball screen and how to make the right read coming off the on-ball screen? This could be a game changer for your team because it would position your players to always be able to create a scoring opportunity, giving themselves a chance to score and compete to win the game. The pick and roll scoring strategy always forces the other team to make a decision on how to defend the on-ball screen and if your team knows what those defensive options are and how to counter them, then you give yourselves a chance to score. We will come in and teach your players 6 different on-ball defensive reads and counter scoring options to help your team be able to get shots up.

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