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H2GME 3V3 Basketball League

Why create 3V3 leagues? We are convinced that the 3V3 basketball games can produce high-scoring IQ players, which is one reason why we create 3V3 leagues for our youth to play in. Not only does 3V3 produce brilliant scorers, but more skilled and competitive players who understand the game of basketball.

Youth Leagues

Players playing regularly in 3V3 games become more:

Soft Skills that are Developed are:

Our youth who falls in love with the 3V3 game and continue playing within them can find themselves on our Road 2 Pro pathway. The Road 2 Pro is a 3V3 game pathway that can position a high school graduate who is a non-scholarshiped athlete to become eligible for our adult pro league.

What’s Included:

Hard 2 Guard Me 3V3 Pro Basketball -
Adult League

Our Hard 2 Guard Me 3V3 Pro League will start & run every week in October. This league will eventually develop into a franchise opportunity, like other pro leagues.

What’s Included:

Sign up! league starting in october '23

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