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5-Star Rated Testimonials

Coach Mesho is wonderful. She knows how to interact with our son on his level. She's fun, yet knows how to get him to learn. He's learning so much already and I can't wait to see what she can do with him.

Tarah CoachUp client

Coach Mesho has been amazing for my daughter! The drills that she has taught my daughter have made a tremendous impact on her game in the last 4 weeks and we're seeing a difference on the court already. It has changed my daughter's approach to the game and given her a better understanding of the game as well. We appreciate the help and all of the knowledge that she has and has poured into my daughter and will definitely refer her to our friends. Her knowledge and teaching method is top-notch.

Zaria CoachUp client

It’s very hard to impress my husband, so if we could give coach Mesho 10 stars that would be more appropriate than 5. She is doing a great job with coaching our son and we will continue booking future sessions with her.

Boba CoachUp client

Coach Mesho is our secret sauce! Our player has gained knowledge, skills and even more importantly confidence working with Coach Mesho. If your looking for a coach that deeply cares about your players’ success on and off the court then look no further. We are so thankful for her guidance to our player and the support she provides for future growth. **Specific improvements while working with Coach Mesho: significant improvement in ball handling, accuracy with shooting, improved coordination, and precision in drills. Coach Mesho is a great coach. She is very patient with me and she believes in me. She gives out great feedback. We will continue our training with Coach Mesho.

Eric CoachUp client

Great first sessions . Ironing out the fundamentals and getting rid of bad habits.

Leitse CoachUp client

Coach Mesho is amazing. She is friendly, encouraging, energetic, and a gifted teacher. My daughter was completely new to basketball and Coach Mesho was able to teach her proper shooting form - stance, alignment, and mechanics. My daughter walked off the court after her first session looking like a basketball player. It's worth investing in the proper techniques and we're so glad to have found Coach Mesho. We will absolutely be booking more sessions and for all of my kids! Coach Mesho was excellent with my son. She has a great teaching style and we immediately booked additional sessions.

Susan CoachUp client

Easy to work with. Great teacher!

Mary CoachUp client

We just had our first session with Coach Mesho and could not be happier! My daughter connected with her and left feeling more confident in herself. Excited to schedule more sessions!

Danielle CoachUp client

Coach Mesho is a great teacher! She is very engaging and positive. My son is learning so much!

Rebecca CoachUp client

She was very patient and encouraging for our daughter who is a beginner. We look forward to future sessions.

Kate CoachUp client

Amazing coach! We loved her!
First lesson with Mesho with my 10yo daughter. Went great. My daughter loved it and wants more lessons.

Heather CoachUp client

Coach Meshio is knowledgeable, friendly and to the point. Both of my kids loved her coaching and teaching methods.

Hashim CoachUp client

Coach Mesho has done a great job working with my daughter who is new to basketball. My daughter has learned a lot about the game from her. Her increase in confidence and aggressiveness on the court is directly contributed to Coach Mesho's teaching.

James CoachUp client

Even after one session, my son sees dramatic improvement of his basketball skill. I highly recommend Coach Mesho to everyone. She is worthy of every penny and more. Thank you so much Coach Mesho

Alice CoachUp client

We have had an amazing experience so far with coach. She is knowledgeable and fun. My daughter is learning the fundamentals and enjoying the process.

Ketan CoachUp client

We are working with Coach Mesho and I’m really impressed. She’s focused on building strong foundational skills and fundamentals...the key to any great player. I would highly recommend Coach M for any boy or girl wanting to build their skill base.

Daniel CoachUp client

I know we have two more sessions but Drew has learned already so much. He is practicing everything you taught him each day. He is a bit stubborn and use to his old ways but he is in transformation thanks to you coach Mesho.

Edwin CoachUp client

Exactly what my son needed, she conducted a complete evaluation and started right in to the fundamentals. She kept it light and fun, as well as keeping him engaged. We will certainly be doing more sessions, thanks Coach Mesho!

Thomas CoachUp client


Jaylen CoachUp client

Coach Mesho is very good , I decided to move forward after first trial training session for my daughter , she is very patience , knowledgeable and interactive with my daughter almost the whole time , and that is what we need , she also directs my daughter some homework which is awesome , I would recommend coach Mesho for sure .

Kenn CoachUp client

Great first session with Coach Mesho! Her coaching experience, basketball knowledge and attention to detail showed during the first session. Looking forward to her working with my daughter again soon!

Gary CoachUp client

Great trainer

Latrisha CoachUp client

Coach Mesho did an excellent job teaching my son the fundamentals of basketball. Her method of instruction kept him engaged throughout the lesson and made him even more excited about the sport. We are very much looking forward to additional sessions in the future.

Darrion CoachUp client

She was just amazing ! I love her teaching skills and will definitely look for scheduling further sessions.

Mounica CoachUp client

Started with the basics and provided the right amount of teaching and encouragement. Looking forward to more training with Coach Mesho!

Jemal CoachUp client

Coach Mesho did a wonderful job with Kristen, we saw huge improvements in Kristen's game during her summer AAU Basketball Tournaments. We highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve there skills.Thanks Coach!

Darryll CoachUp client

She is patient and very organized. Our sessions were very informative and made my son feel more confident. She helped him sharpen up fundamentals that improved his practice routine and his playing skills altogether. Great coach! Highly recommend Mesho!

Shanna CoachUp client

Coach Mesho is working with my son, who is a freshman in high school. After only one session, she was able to pin point some areas of weakness and is working on skills with him to get him ready for the next level of basketball. Looking forward to the next session and ongoing progress.

Connie CoachUp client

Coach Morrow is great. I appreciate how committed she is to developing kids' fundamentals. She pushes her players to be better and she had a lot of great drills. We will continue to use her!

Valerie CoachUp client

My daughter finished her initial session with Coach Mesho last night. While watching Coach Mesho with my daughter I not only saw Maiya's acceptance of the knowledge imparted, but witnessed the ease in which Coach Mesho set expectations with her on raising her skill level and basketball IQ. Just from this first meeting I could see in Coach Mesho's interactions that she is intent and gifted with building her player's confidence, character and intensity for learning! Thanks Coach Mesho we look forward to many more sessions with you. The Smith Family

Tracy CoachUp client

Coach Mesho is a great coach. The first session she covered many of the basics that Brayden did not know. By the end of the session, his moves were much smoother.

Nona CoachUp client

Coach Mesho was absolutely great! My son truly loved working with her and is looking forward to his next session with her! I'm really glad he got a chance to work with her and I can't wait to see what more she has in store for him! Thanks again!

Linita CoachUp client

Coach Mesho was wonderful! My daughter loved her first session and those of us watching could already see improvement in her fundamentals and confidence. I would recommend Coach Mesho to anyone.

Heather CoachUp client

Coach Mesho is awesome. She works well with kids with purposeful and fun drills. My son went from being a kid scoring a couple baskets a year to someone who has to 10 plus point games and one of the better players on his undefeated Rec team.

David CoachUp client


Leslie CoachUp client

My son is 15 and has been playing basketball since he was old enough to walk. He had his first session with Coach Mesho this past saturday and to say the least she is AMAZING ! She is so patient and explains things in detail! She made such an impression on my son that he wants to keep her all the way through college,lol. He was all smiles all the home and cant wait til his next session!

Melody CoachUp client

After just a few lessons, our son looks like a totally different basketball player. Mesho is definitely bringing his game to another level.

Neil CoachUp client

Coach Mesho was an excellent coach, very patient, and awesome person. 👍👍👍

Cristina CoachUp client

Coach Mesho is phenomenal!! She took her time showing my son technique which helped him tremendously!! He learned more in that one session than he did in the 3 years he played with Upward! I could see his confidence level rise with each skill she taught him. Excited for our next session!

Lani CoachUp client

My daughter had a great experience with Mesho and is looking forward to the next training session

Mary CoachUp client

This coach is awesome. Highly recommend her hands down!!!

Matthew CoachUp client

Coach Mesho has given my son great techniques and helped transition him from a high school player to a college player.

Jordan CoachUp client

My grandson had a wonderful session with Coach Mesho today. She was prompt and pleasant. Her basketball and teaching skills were on point. He learned a lot of basics that he had missed during his regular practices. We look forward to our next session.

Sharon CoachUp client

Thought she was very knowledgeable and took time to fully explain what she wanted.

Jon CoachUp client

Coach Mesho is a really great coach she taught my son some new things. And he wants to continue to train with her.

Joni CoachUp client

Coach Mesho was great in appreciating what was needed to help our daughter grow as a player. Our daughter had fun and has practiced on her own to improve on the skills learned in her first session!

Trish CoachUp client

I really enjoyed the session today with Coach Mesho...she was very detailed and i love that fact that she is a teaching coach. She stopped and corrected my daughter during drills and made her understand what she was doing wrong and why she needed to correct it. My daughter said she enjoyed the session and learned a glad i found found Coach Mesho and we look foward to working with you. Thank you

Kawanda CoachUp client

Great knowledge of basketball fundamentals, listened to what our needs were, and stepped right in and started helping us. We saw immediate improvement and would recommend to anyone

Steve CoachUp client

Coach Mesho is truly one of a kind, an athlete with the ability to teach! In one hour my daughter felt she learned more about the -fundamentals- of basketball, than in six years of school basketball. We look forward to continuing her training with Coach Mesho!

Michelle CoachUp client

Coach Mesho is an awesome coach. My daughter is 15 and needs assistance with technique and fundamentals. She is a very late starter to the sport, but her desire to become better and succeed is strong. Coach Mesho was very effective with her. She never made my daughter feel uncomfortable due to her lack of knowledge of the sport. Before we made it to our car my daughter said I like her when will we go back. It was very important to find a coach that would have patience with her and still be able to pull the best out of her. We found it with Coach Mesho.

Taryn CoachUp client

My 7th grade daughter is very much enjoying her time with Coach Mesho and is learning so much. I could see a difference in her ball handling skills the first day and continue to see improvement at each session. I like that Coach Mesho takes the time to provide instruction on and the opportunity to practice specific skills - and then builds on them at the following session. The detailed instruction on technique has been so helpful. The sessions with Coach Mesho will definitely help my daughter be more successful in the upcoming season.

Becky CoachUp client

Coach Morrow has been great to watch working with my daughter. It's really nice how she makes sure everything taught is done correctly before moving to the next skill. Her professionalism, knowledge of the game, and motivating comments sets her apart from many.

Belinda CoachUp client

She was on time, very professional, exhibited a high level of patience working with my 8 year old daughter and teaching her the fundamentals of basketball.

Nishelle CoachUp client

Coach Mesho has been doing an outstanding job with my daughter for several weeks now. She concentrates on skills that is appropriate and rewarding to my daughter. She also, spends quality time communicating with my daughter about skills she can work on after practice and reflecting on everyday life goals. Coach Mesho is a great coach who believes in the game of basketball. I thank her for taking the time out to share that passion with my daughter.

Mary CoachUp client
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