About Arch Angels 3V3 Basketball

Our 3v3 basketball training focuses on using the power of sport, gaming and technology to transfer knowledge, impact learning and transform communities. That’s why our Hard 2 Guard Me Basketball Scoring Academy also features a virtual reality educational component. In the scoring academy, we will elevate our players scoring skills and IQ to help them get buckets by teaching them 52 different scoring moves. Our other training services include a video subscription service, online training, eBooks and courses and personal coaching. Because we believe in empowering our student athletes’ lives through education as well, we are going to harness the power of gaming to raise the bar academically for them. Inside our academy, our students get to use virtual reality technology to build projects in these empowerment impact zones, entrepreneurialism, finance, education and health, governance, technology, judicial systems, and real estate development and rehabilitation. They will build each zone in the Metaverse or virtual world, thus building an entire virtual city. At the end of the year, when they have completed and presented their projects, we will have created in them real-life transferable technology and community-building skills that will impact their lives and communities for good.

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Additionally, inside our Hard 2 Guard Me Basketball Scoring Academy, our students will have access to me their Master Class Skills Trainer. We will meet weekly to study the mechanics of the moves by reviewing the training video and watching game film on it to enhance their scoring IQ. This study hall session will help our academy members understand when and how to use these moves to get buckets. They will learn 52 different scoring moves over the course of 52 weeks.

As well, inside the Arch Angels 3V3 Basketball Nation, we conduct 3V3 tournaments and youth and adult leagues. These events provide a platform for our players to have a place to showcase their scoring skills. Our events are competitive and designed to build unity within our communities. So, we create a celebratory and family, festival atmosphere in all that we do. We invite community partners, and organizations to provide services at our tournaments; as well we invite local business owners to participate in and sponsor our fan engagement giveaways, as a way of introducing themselves to our community. These tournaments will take place in April and December. Next, we use our tournament platform as a bridge to build healthy relationships between our youth, young adults, and law enforcement officers by putting them on teams together. These Cops coach and or play on the teams and eventually become mentors to the players on their team, through our Cops Are Cool Mentors program. The benefits of building these relationships between these groups are a reduction in animosity, hostility, and violence. It reinforces community policing and shows are youth that police officers are humans too. We can begin to rewrite the narratives of our Officers within our communities as “Cops Are Cool” as well as shift the trajectory of some of our youth and young adults. This translates as a reduction in crime in our streets and safer communities to live in which can also increase property values.

Finally, we are going to create Hard 2 Guard Me 3V3 Basketball Leagues for our youth and adults to compete in and explore career opportunities. Our youth leagues will serve as conduits to help us build a pro league. These leagues will take place between the spring, summer and fall. We are going pro!

Coach Mesho’s Bio

As, the founder of Arch Angels 3V3 Basketball organization, Coach Mesho has been involved in the game of basketball for over 45 years. Her journey began as a little girl playing pick-up basketball with the guys in her neighborhood. One day while she was playing basketball in the gym, in Jr. High School, the Head JV Coach of one of the high school teams spotted her talent and approached her. She asked, “have you ever played organized basketball before and she said no, so the coach asked would you be interested and she said yes. So, that was the start of her basketball career. Coach Mesho tried out and made her middle school team where she eventually became a captain and led her team to a city-wide middle school championship.



From there she went to high school and played for that coach that spotted her a few years earlier. Coach Mesho made the varsity team that would make it to the state playoffs every year, three years in a row. As a junior through tenacity and hard work, Coach Mesho earned the privilege of playing time on the number-one-ranked varsity team in the USA, the Lincoln Tigerettes. That experience helped her to learn what it took to lead a team to the state playoffs and in her senior year, she did just that. As a captain of her team and standing just shy of 5’8, she was the starting center of her high school team. Day in and day out, she regularly played against other high school centers that were 6’0 and taller and held her own. Her fierce competitive spirit would be the framework to help her receive a full four-year scholarship for women’s basketball to the University of Kansas. Coach Mesho never won a high school state championship game, but did place. However, as a tiger in the sport of basketball as well as excelling in two other sports, she became a High School All-American Athlete.

Playing for Kansas University, Coach Mesho helped to lead her team to two consecutive conference tournament championships as well as two automatic bids to the NCAA tournament. In her junior and senior years, her KU teams advanced to the second round of the NCAA tournament. Her KU team also won one conference championship. As a hard-working senior, her team and coaches voted her as one of only two captains of her team.

After her collegiate career, Coach Mesho would go on to become a coach and official at the high school, collegiate and semi-pro levels. During that process, she decided to buy her own women’s semi-pro basketball franchise in the Women’s Blue Chip Basketball League. She owned the Arch Angels Women’s Semi-Pro Basketball Team for five years but folded due to the financial weight of owning the team. During her tenure in the League, she was promoted to the Mid-West Regional Manager position for two years, followed by being promoted to Commissioner of the League. It was during this time that Coach Mesho began conducting private basketball skill development training on the CoachUp platform. She has completed over 600 private coaching sessions with youth ranging in age from 8-18 years old. The parents rate her with 4.97 stars on a 5-star system and her client loyalty rate is at 82%. Coach Mesho is the #1 Basketball Skill Developer in the State of Missouri and is ranked in the top 2% of all basketball trainers in the country on the CoachUp platform. Her vast experiences and depth of knowledge created an opportunity for her to be a Color Commentator for a few girls’ and boys’ MSHSAA playoff basketball games with the STL TV Station. Having been granted so many opportunities within this game, Coach Mesho just wants to pay it forward and use what she knows to empower and elevate people, and build communities and the game of basketball. Doing good in our neighborhoods.


Our Goals

To help more basketball student-athletes achieve collegiate basketball scholarships, develop Olympic 3V3 competitors and champions, bring FIBA 3-on-3 World Cup to the St. Louis area as well as produce professional 3V3 tournaments and leagues. Moreover, we want to leverage technology to create commerce within our communities.



Our Vision

To use 3v3 basketball to create careers, ownership, and opportunities to do good in our neighborhoods by building up people and communities, as breach repairers. The breaches we will impact are violence, ownership, unity and commerce (VOUC),


Our Mission

The Arch Angels 3V3 Basketball organization seeks to elevate, educate, empower, employ, and entertain its players and fans for urban community renewal.

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