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Our Hard 2 Guard Me Basketball Scoring Academy is designed and developed by Coach Mesho to transform players scoring abilities. We have created 52 different scoring move videos for them to watch and learn. To enhance their learning and elevate their basketball scoring intelligence, we will also conduct a weekly master class training over each move. Additionally, inside this program, we seek to transform their technology and community-building skills. We believe that empowering our youth to become creators and builders in these spaces will have a positive impact on our communities. So, players will be placed on teams and an adult facilitator will lead them in creating projects in the virtual world, the metaverse.


They will meet monthly to work on a community-building project in one of these seven empowerment impact zones (EIZ). They are entrepreneurialism, finance, real estate development, technology, governance, and the judicial, educational, and health systems. While they are building their scoring ability skills, they will simultaneously build their technology and community development skills within these community empowerment impact zones. At the end of our 52 weeks together they will demonstrate the advancement of their technological and community skill development by presenting their completed projects. Plus, our academy members will have 52 scoring moves inside their offensive toolbox, so that they can always get a bucket!

H2GME Basketball Scoring Academy

Where we help you get buckets and increase your scoring intelligence!

These Bonuses Are Included

  • Learn How Money Works
  • How To Grow Your Money
  • How To Save You Money
  • Learn How Credit Works


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Your membership to the H2GME Basketball Scoring Academy gives you access to all of the tools and opportunities we provide to assist you in getting buckets and in reaching your maximum potential both on and off the court. These incentives are a part of your membership and are included in your purchase. Get the most out of your basketball skills by enrolling in the H2GME Basketball Scoring Academy right now.


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Our curriculum is meant to assist players of varying levels of play in improving their scoring, and scoring intelligence which gives you a competitive edge as well as elevating your overall quality of play to the next level. No matter if you’re just starting and want to hone your abilities or if you’re an experienced player trying to take your game to the next level, our program can assist you in accomplishing whatever it is that you want to do.

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Do not pass up the chance to take your basketball scoring skills to the next level by participating in the H2GME Basketball Scoring Academy. You’ll have access to everything you need to increase your scoring, improve your skills, and be a well-rounded player on and off the court, including 52 different scoring moves, scoring inside and outside, ditching your defender moves, dribble drives moves, pick and roll scoring, master class weekly study halls, monthly metaverse trainings webinars, access to 3v3 tournaments, passing game, college scholarship fund, powered for life job training class, and financial literacy training. This will allow you to score more, and elevate and empower your skills on and off the court! Sign up right now and become a threat for success!

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